Paul B Stryer


Raleigh, NC


I’m Paul Stryer, and I have been a Network Engineering Trainer and course developer for over 20 years and in the music industry before that. As you read my blogs going forward I will paint a picture of where I have been and how I have changed my financial and personal life drastically in the past few years. As you will find out about me, I had no training from my parents, schools, or in college about how to deal with money. So, as you can image if there was a mistake to be made I have made it. Although I have no formal financial back ground, I have gone to the school of hard knocks and been kicked around a lot. But, in the past few years I have changed my life drastically after some pretty devastating personal changes in my life.


I have reduced my cost of living and my responsibilities drastically, to the point that I’m not living pay-check-to-paycheck and I can actually breath. I have also reduced my $60K+ of personal debt down to zero. And I’m now working on my mortgage, which I hope to have gone in the next few years, and building wealth. As you can see, it just takes a plan and some will power and you can make it happen.