Paul Stryer


North Carolina


Paul Stryer’s financial advice and wisdom has been gained through real-world experience making him the go-to expert for the average Joe. His methods are born of common sense and are manageable for everyone.  Professionally he has spent the past 20 years as a Cisco Network Engineering Trainer and course developer. He grew up in the typical upper middle class family and never had to wonder where the money came from or what overspending could do. As a young adult, he travelled to California to follow his dreams of becoming the next big rock star. As a starving musician who wanted to continue to live the lifestyle his parents provided, he quickly discovered credit and by proxy, debt. A career change, failed marriages, and a desire to keep up with the Joneses brought Mr. Stryer to the brink of disaster. With no formal or even practical, training about finances from parents, schools, or college, he has not only corrected his financial picture but helped many others on their journey to financial freedom.

Paul is the author of the forthcoming book “BreadCrumbs to Financial Freedom”, that should be released on Amazon early next year. In his book he breaks down in a very easy to understand path for you to follow. The 12 steps to Eliminate Debt and Build Wealth are the steps Paul used to enact his very own financial recovery.

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